The Nvidia Chip Will Handle AI on all Future Land Rovers

Land Rover Evoque
Starting in 2025, the Jaguar Land Rover and NVIDIA partnership will transform the modern luxury experience for customers. | Photo credit: Jaguar Land Rover Media

More AI is coming to Land Rover thanks to the Jaguar Land Rover and Nvidia partnership.

Nvidia Drive computer chips will be a standard feature in future vehicles from the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. 

Land Rover and Nvidia
Jaguar Land Rover CEO says “Collaboration and knowledge-sharing with industry leader NVIDIA is essential to realizing our Reimagine strategy…” about the NVIDIA Partnership | Photo credit: Land Rover USA

The Nvidia chip is designed to handle artificial intelligence features, including self-driving capability and other AI-enabled services and experiences that are currently in the works.

Jaguar Land Rover has been developing self-driving features for years, including in off-road environments, but was yet to announce any for its production vehicles. 

It’s thought the automaker plans to initially offer a system ranked at Level 3 on the SAE scale of self-driving capability

Simply put, this means a vehicle can handle some situations without the driver monitoring, most likely limited highway driving. But it would still need the driver to be alert and ready to take back control at any moment.

Land Rover and Nvidia
The system will offer AI functionalities, including the monitoring of the occupants and driver, and improved visualization of the vehicle’s surroundings. |  Photo credit: Car and Driver

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The new Land Rover and Nvidia partnership will also mean that Jaguar Land Rover uses Nvidia systems for machine learning (also referred to as deep learning). This will help improve all AI features over time.

Such improvements can then be delivered as over-the-air updates throughout the life of the vehicle, Jaguar Land Rover said.

Range Rover
Expect the incorporation of NVIDIA AI to facilitate advanced safety features and unique digital services that are in line with the brand’s identity. | Photo credit: Car and Driver

As cars become increasingly defined by software – autonomous driving, apps, infotainment, connectivity, etc. – you, the customer, can expect to see see more automakers creating Silicon Valley partnerships such as this one.

Working with a Silicon Valley company means gaining access to the world’s best software engineers. And it’s an important step because today’s consumers expect the latest in-car experiences.

Jaguar Land Rover will use NVIDIA’s Hyperion 8 platform. The Land Rover and NVIDIA system will power autonomous and driver assistance systems and will render a visualization of the vehicle’s environment.

Jaguar Land Rover Pivi Pro
Range Rover’s technology is crafted to simplify your life, ranging from a plethora of driving aids to the lauded Pivi Pro16 infotainment system.

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Jaguar is among the earliest automakers planning to go all-electric, most likely by 2025. Those electric vehicles will be powered by NVIDIA computers.

Jaguar will also use NVIDIA AI and engineers throughout the development process for new vehicles. 

NVIDIA will provide data center usage for neural net training of autonomous driving systems and for collaborative development and simulations through their Omniverse platform.

Pivi Pro
Jaguar is poised to become one of the most sought-after luxury brands on account of its groundbreaking technology.

The DRIVE Hyperion platform uses NVIDIA’s DRIVE Orin processor, capable of well over 200 trillion operations per second, which they say significantly outperforms Tesla’s FSD computer. Of course, 2025 is 3 years from now, so we expect to see updates to both of these computer systems by then.

NVIDIA says their Hyperion platform is “software-defined,” reflecting our modern reality of continuously upgradeable devices. The system is capable of over-the-air updates, which has become a favorite feature for electric car owners with access to it. It also helps automakers in that certain recalls and fixes can be done without having to schedule costly dealership visits for every owner.

The Jaguar Land Rover NVIDIA partnership will catapult the luxury brand to unparalleled standards. Shop our latest inventory at Land Rover Riverside.

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