Join the Waitlist to Own the New Range Rover Electric – Here’s Everything We Know About this Electric SUV

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Range Rover Electric | Land Rover

Be among the first to experience the pinnacle of electric mobility by joining the Range Rover Electric waitlist.

The Range Rover Electric is expected to be the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever. Land Rover states: “Engineers are on target to create the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created; with a unique active road noise cancellation configuration and sound design, plus cabin comfort levels enabled by its electric underpinnings for serene modern luxury.” In short, the electric SUV represents the future of luxury electric mobility.

The all-electric Range Rover transforms the luxury SUV landscape with its innovative 800V architecture, enabling rapid charging on public networks. It provides a flawless ownership journey, featuring easy charging solutions, energy partnerships, and software-over-the-air updates. Equipped with smart technology, the new Range Rover EV extends its driving range, guaranteeing an elegant and efficient experience for its future owners.

Range Rover Electric for sale in Riverside
Join the waitlist for the Range Rover EV today! | Land Rover

Explore this electric luxury SUV in detail. Review its performance, specs, charging, and range capabilities.

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Range Rover Electric release date

The fully electric SUV is set to arrive in 2024, and the waitlist is now open for those eager to be among the first drivers of this luxury electric SUV. For questions regarding the new Range Rover EV, contact Land Rover Riverside. With limited availability, we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

range rover electric 2024
Contact Land Rover Riverside for inquiries. | Land Rover


The instant torque characteristic of electric and hybrid Ranger Rovers amplifies its already remarkable capabilities, particularly on slippery slopes and during challenging rock crawls, ensuring a smooth and powerful journey across diverse terrains.

Additionally, the Range Rover Electric and Electric Hybrid models showcase superior water fording capabilities. With the ability to traverse streams and navigate flooded roads, these vehicles feature a wading depth that varies between 19.69 inches and an impressive 35.43 inches, depending on the specific model. This feature highlights the electric SUV’s engineered versatility and durability, equipping them to effortlessly tackle a wide range of challenging environments with ease.

Range Rover electric SUV
The Land Rover electric SUV will have water fording abilities. | Land Rover

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800V architecture electrical architecture: range and charging

Thanks to the 800V electrical architecture of the Range Rover EV models, you can expect faster charging times, boosting both efficiency and performance while reducing engine consumption. This design allows the vehicle to cover longer distances with fewer charging stops.


  • 5 Seats
  • 37 CU. FT.
  • Up to 155 MPH
  • Up to 448.4 MPG
  • 800V architecture electrical architecture
800V architecture electrical architecture
This electric innovation will feature a 800V architecture electrical architecture. | Land Rover

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Not ready to make the transition to a fully electric Range Rover? You can also choose the Electric Hybrid option.

The Electric Hybrid trim of the Range Rover EV features a combination of an electric motor and battery, plus a traditional engine. This setup enables primarily electric-powered driving for shorter distances, guaranteeing no tailpipe emissions. For longer journeys, the blend of electric power and fuel provides extra peace of mind. Above all, charging the battery is straightforward and accessible, both at home and on the go, ensuring the vehicle is always ready for use.

The Range Rover Electric Hybrid stands as a pinnacle of refinement and luxury in the electric vehicle segment. With an electric vehicle (EV) range of up to 53 miles, it offers a blend of efficiency and performance tailored for the discerning driver.

new land rover for sale in riverside ca
Have questions about the Range Rover electric SUV? Visit Land Rover Riverside today. | Land Rover

With a towing capacity of up to 5,511 lbs, the Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Electric Hybrid are equipped to tackle even the most challenging tasks effortlessly. Featuring an Electrically Deployable Towbar, Advanced Tow Assist, Hitch Assist, and Trailer Stability Control, these vehicles set the standard for towing refinement and capability.

More information is yet to come about this electric luxury SUV. Stay tuned! Inquire about the Range Rover Electric at Land Rover Riverside.

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