Literally the Royalty of SUVs: The Land Rover Defender is the Vehicle Queen Elizabeth Couldn’t Live Without.

Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Defender

Queen Elizabeth always had a special connection to her Land Rovers – especially the Land Rover Defender

In fact, her 70-year reign spanned the entire length of Land Rover company history, most evidently the Land Rover Defender.

Despite the fact that her highness owned many luxury vehicles during her lifetime – she was a huge car lover in fact – Land Rover was her clear favorite.

Queen Elizabeth with Defender
The Queen could always be found riding inside the Defender to get around Balmoral castle grounds in Scotland.

During her time in the British Armed Forces Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II, Queen Elizabeth II picked up extensive mechanical knowledge and driving experience.

After the war ended, her passion for all things automotive endured and would continue until the end of her life. She always traveled widely on royal business. Land Rovers played a prominent role in many of these.

Land Rover Defender - Queen Elizabeth
The Royal Family and Land Rover have had a long and fruitful partnership, with the monarch and family kept in Rovers since King George VI was given the hundredth 80” Series I in 1948. | Photography credit: Atlantic British

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But it’s the one model of Land Rover that helped her get around Balmoral castle grounds in Scotland that became synonymous with the queen: Her personal the Defender.

Balmoral is huge, a whopping 50,000 acres. It was originally built for Queen Victoria by her husband Prince Albert.

And it was the favored residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Land Rover Defender
Queen Elizabeth II first learned to drive in 1945 as part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, when she was trained as a mechanic and military truck driver. | Photography credit: CNN

 Located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the vast estate was used for Queen Elizabeth’s summer vacations. And in order for her to see all of it she turned to her trusty Defender.

The car’s world-famous off-road ability was often put to the test at Balmoral, where it navigated harsh terrain and blustery weather found in that region of Scotland.

Today, the Land Rover Defender lives on. Not only is it a rugged all-terrain vehicle but it has an interior with purpose. The cabin of the Defender can be customized to suit your demands.

Land Rover Defender
There’s a reason why you might have always seen Queen Elizabeth pictured in a Land Rover – the Defender held a special place in her heart.

Defender 90 and 110 are available with five or six seats, with 110 offering the option of additional third row seats. Defender 130 is an 8-seater, offering your passengers unrivaled comfort.

And it can be customized with environmentally friendly materials. Land Rover’s new leather-free material, Resist, has a lower carbon footprint than leather alternatives. It’s extremely durable, easy to clean, and has a fine-grain look with a soft feel. You can also choose between a center-mounted jump seat or a console, with or without a refrigerator. 

The Land Rover Defender continues to live on – not only as a rugged all-terrain vehicle, but it has an interior with purpose.

Featuring Land Rover’s toughest materials yet and tested to its very limits, the Defender has been designed for optimum durability. It can handle extreme terrains and confidently takes you from the urban jungle to shifting sands and icy environments.

In fact, Land Rover calls the Defender the strongest and most capable vehicle we have ever created. With permanent All-Wheel Drive1, twin-speed transfer, and a monocoque architecture.

With incredibly durable Robustec ribbon accenting on the seats, Black exposed rear recovery eyes, and tough exterior styling.​

Land Rover Defender
The exterior of the Defender is without match. Its distinctive silhouette instantly demonstrates the vehicle’s character. | Photography credit: Forbes

The Land Rover Defender X combines capability with off-road looks, meaning you can go way beyond where you’ve ever gone before.

All starting at $43,500. Because life can take you from a smooth highway to a rocky back road in the blink of an eye. So why not be prepared and comfortable at the same time?

And with a Defender, considered one of the world’s first off-road vehicles for consumers you don’t have to stick to the beaten path.

Land Rover Defender
Designed. Like no other. The Defender is the strongest and most capable vehicle we have ever created. | Photography credit: Forbes

Discover more about this world-class SUV here

Want to go off-roading in your Defender in Riverside County? Check out these two suggestions from the Where2Wheel website:

Margarita Road. 

A place to drive your defender
Need an escape from the big city and looking for a place to experience your Defender’s full potential? Visit Margarita Road.

Located 55 miles south of Riverside, Margarita is a fire road with some mud puddles after rain and fairly easy terrain. You may need to kick it into 4WD at times and you’ll be happy for the extra clearance that the Defender affords.

Rouse Hill Truck Trail.

Another great off-roading trail to drive your Defender in Riverside County is Rouse Hill Truck Trail.
Another great off-roading trail to drive your Defender in Riverside County is Rouse Hill Truck Trail.

This trail is located 40 miles southeast of Riverside. The website describes it as an “amazing fun drive” that can be completed with 2WD or 4WD. It affords great views and plenty of contact with nature. It eventually connects to the Thomas Mountain Truck Trail.

For more information visit: Where2Wheel.

Want to live the true royal life? Visit Land Rover Riverside to drive out with the SUV that carries pure blue blood – the Land Rover Defender.

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